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"I saw this quote and it summed up the biggest lesson Debbie taught me ...

“ The more you know yourself , the more patience you have for what you see in others!” (Erik Erickson)

Thank you for your time, patience and believing in me Debbie. "

27 year old female

“Working with you has been exactly what I needed to gain confidence in myself to realise that I have control over what takes place in my mind. The calm, supportive and non-judgemental atmosphere you created made me feel safe to open up about what was most troubling me. I loved knowing that you were only an email away for extra support in between our sessions. Thank you so much for being so kind and wonderful and for showing me that I really am capable.”

22 year old female 

"I wish you were on Trip Advisor, I'd tell everyone to come to you" 

22 year old Female

"Well we bonded and I could tell you all the annoying little things"

14 year old Male

"You have helped me a huge amount, thank you for your time and support"

17 year old Female 

"This always feels so calm, it's my safe space"

28 year old Female

"you're a little bird who sits on my shoulder and talks to me when I'm struggling"

27 year old Female

"You reminded me of Drop Dead Fred and when Elizabeth didn't need him any more"

21 year old Female